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My name is Jimmy Karlström, I'm a Game Designer and Scripter living in Stockholm, Sweden.
I was born in 1988 and have been playing games for as long as I can remember. When I was young I was the curious person who loved to experiment and tinker with electronics, computers and anything mechanical and often building with LEGOs. I loved to create cool things and find out how cooler things worked! However it wasn't until I was a bit older I realized that you could, tinker, experiment and create while still make a living by making games! Ever since then I've wanted to create games and experiences for people to enjoy.

I'm currently a Game System Designer at Starbreeze Studios in Stockolm. Previously I studdied Game Design at Futuregames where I focused on Game Design, System Design and Scripting. Before that I studied for a Bachelor's Degree in Game Design at Stockholm University for three years. That education had a wide academic focus where I got to explore not only Game and Level Design but 3D Art, Human- Computer Interaction, and Programming. This education gave me a good understanding of Game Design principles and Game Theory that have helped me grow as a designer and understand players actions on a whole other level than before.

Scripting Experience

Unreal Blueprint
C# Scripting

I'm an analytical and detail oriented person who loves explore the impact of a gameplay system or mechanic and how that will affect the core experience for the player as well as all the other parts of the game. As a designer I like to see the bigger picture and find how small details can impact and reinforce a larger part. To make multiple systems work together while finding ways to enhance the gameplay is something I enjoy thoroughly. I enjoy to create games where the mechanics and systems are easy to grasp but still offer depth and nuances for a more dedicated player to explore.

I’m also a fast learner who enjoys new challenges that let's me develop and grow. To work in a team of people where everyone can learn from each other and keep on developing as people and professionals is something I find very rewarding.

Through my past experiences I've learned how to work both as a leader and a member of a team with tough deadlines. How to work as a group toward a bigger goal and achieve something together. 

Software Experience

Unreal Blueprint
After Effects