Derelict Ship

Derelict Ship is a short FPS experience that I developed in Unreal Engine 4. The goal for this project was to build a complete experience in a short time to display my skills as a designer and scripter using graphical assets from Unreal Engine Marketplace. All gameplay features, events and functionality was designed and scripted by me.

Platform: PC

Genre: Singleplayer FPS

Duration: 1.5 weeks

Engine: Unreal Engine 4 

Team: Solo Project 

Project Role: 
Personal Project

Responsebilities Included:

  • Whitebox, Design & Finalize Level
  • Script & Design all Features and events
  • Implement audio & VFX

Level Layout & Phases

I set out to make an experience that will increase in tempo and intensity throughout the gameplay. I thought it was important to use a slow buildup, letting the players immerse themselves and get into the world. I then wanted to transition to an action game that was high intensity and had a climax returning the player to the previously explored areas.

I wanted to re-use previous areas because it will help guide the player in a high intensity scenario since they are familiar with the overall layout despite the changing conditions. This was also a way to efficiently use my time as I didn't have to completely design and art new areas to make a complete experience.

Level Layout

Level Layout

Phase 1 - No Gravity

Phase 1 - No Gravity

This is the exploration and setup phase. It is low intensity and building tesnsion for the player as they are exoploring broken parts of the ship, being introduced to broken and deactivated security bots, deactivated turrets and some simple game mechanics. This is accompanied by  tension building background music and being in no gravity slows the player movement.

Phase 2 - Action

Phase 2 - Action

During the Action phase the gravity is now enabled and player will be engaged by security turrets. They will forced to move deeper into the ship since previously explored areas that was broken will now be blocked off. This phase is medium-high intensity as the player encounter new areas and is being engaged but not pursued by AI

Phase 3 - Escape

Phase 3 - Escape

Explosions are going off and a self destruct sequence have been initiated because of the players actions. The player need to run through previously explored areas that are now being destroyed. This is very high intensity as the player need to escape. During the escape the foreshadowed AI security bots will activate, engage and chase the player.


Below is a full playthrough video of the level. It is highly recommended to watch it on youtube to be immersed and hear all the audio in it. However the document icon below is a PDF link to a full screenshotted walkthrough detailing all events, puzzels and my design intentions with each part of the level. That document is a lot more detailed and is recommended if you want to know more about some of the design desicions made.