Derelict Ship

Derelict Ship is a short FPS experience developed in Unreal Engine 4. The focus for this small project was to create a singleplayer FPS level and experience with assets from the Unreal Engine Marketplace in a short amount of time. The level and features was completed in 1 week and then went through 2 days of focus testing and an additional day to adjust the level based on those tests.
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Ropes’ Adventure

Ropes' Adventure is a third person single player exploration and adventure game. You take the role as a young explorer trying to find your missing grandfather and the long lost monkey head treasure. During this project I worked on the game design, camera and cinematic systems. I also developed a marketing plan for the title.
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Gasoline Fury

Gasoline Fury is a Multiplayer game developed in Unreal Engine 4. I was the lead designer & scripter on the project. I designed and scripted a persistent level up system, the gameplay, P2P Networking and did multiplayer game balancing among other things during the project.
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